Specialists in exterior coatings made of printed cement

Thanks to the endless possibilities offered by printed cement, we are able to realize any type of floor and wall coverings for both indoor and outdoor use. The effect achieved with our revolutionary system is indistinguishable from reconstructed stone, natural stone or brick and has a much lower cost.

The outdoor flooring and wall  coverings in printed cement are almost eternal, do not require maintenance, they are resistant from atmospheric agents, they do not fear of dust, oil, water, mold, and temperature changes.

Swimming pools and waterproofing

piscina-panneto-18With our technology you will get continuous surfaces natural looking and unique. The excellent properties of our products allow you to get a very good technical/aesthetic balance.

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  • The advantages of printed cement

    Introduced in the Italian market in the early 90's, printed concrete is an innovative product that allows you to easily decorate flooring or wall coverings.

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Pan Neto International has as its priority the complete satisfaction of the customer. For this reason it periodically organizes generic or specific training courses in order to specialize the layer in the correct application of the products, because Pan Neto International believes that professional training and the quality of the products are the perfect recipe for a perfect work done in a workmanlike manner.

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The garden stones – Ideas for decorating

The garden stone can be a creative and original decorative element for your outdoor space, ensuring a totally natural look. From paths and terraces to decorative edges and dressing areas, the stones help to make better the looking of your living space.  

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